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-Adoptive Families-

"...The [searchable] database is worth every penny! We got a matching grant...!!! Thank you Resources4Adoption for your searchable database, your amazing FB page and the incredible work you are doing every single day for Adoption!! You are such a God-send to "waiting families." Thank you again! I also had some people in the adoption community ask how I got the grant and I said just go to Resources4Adoption! I will keep them coming. Your services are so very valuable!!!"

     -Jillian G.

"We felt as if there was no way we could obtain [enough] money without putting a significant strain on our family. We were afraid that our daughter would have to spend so much more time in her orphanage due to our inability to pay the fees.... Cherri personally helped us find the organizations that might be a good fit for our situation. We absolutely did not have the skill, time or knowledge to find these on our own. With her help we obtained over $10,000 from three different sources to assist with the expenses. We were able to give our daughter Leta the family she had wished for."

     -Scott and Susan N.

"We spoke [to Cherri] a while back after a webinar... We took [her] advice and pursued a matching grant from our church AND did a Both Hands Fundraiser. We also raised money at a community yard sale. So far we have raised over $16,000! We have all our agency fees and now just need to pay for our travel to Panama for 50 days (and all that goes along with that). We have about $11K more to go! 

     -Jessica D.

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your website. I was able to use the information on your site to help raise money for our 2 adoptions from China. We received grants because of the info you shared. Now we are on our third adoption and I will be visiting your site again! Thanks! You truly have made a difference!" 

     -Melanie K.

"Thanks for your help and this website is very wonderful –it's been helpful."

     -Gail B.

"Cherri was a great resource to us when we decided to adopt a waiting toddler. It was obvious she had done a lot of in-depth research into adoption grants and loans."

     -Libby S.

"With what you provided me, I could handle paying for access to it. You saved me on this one. If it wasn’t for your listing I would not have been able to identify all that you did on my own. I’ve received two grants so far. This is huge in the adoption world as you well know."

     -Denise H.

"We just wanted to say THANK YOU for doing what you are doing....We really, really appreciate ALL this information you send out about adoptions, ways to finance our adoption and everything else in between! Waiting to adopt is just so difficult and especially when finances stand in the way."

     -Heather A.

"This was a huge time saver! I just recived the grants and loans chart and it has been a blessing. Totally worth every penny!"

     -Bethany T.

"...thank you for all your hard work providing information for adoptive parents. I follow you on Twitter and on Facebook and look forward to all the information you put out online."

     -Tanya D.

"Wonderful website! I have families interested in adoption that talk to me, but are worried about affording it. You've provided a great resource. Now I can point them in your direction."

     -Gael N.

"Thank you so much for the advice! We are heading to Ethiopia in October - with all the travel preparations I am already overwhelmed! Your site and advice are priceless!"

     -Jennifer S.

"My husband and I do not make a whole lot, but we seem to be just over the maximum allowed by some organizations and I don't want to waste my time applying for those we will not qualify for. I appreciate the effort and time you have put into this great resource!

     -Randee J.

"Congrats on putting your experience to just a wonderful use and helping others. Many times people don't think they can swing adoption, but with a little will and persistence, anything is possible."

     -Kristina L.



-Adoption Professionals-

"We just recently had a meeting with Children’s Home Society and Family Services and both of our organizations are very excited to have you advocating and sharing these wonderful resources with potential forever families. We looked over your list of resources and you have done a wonderful job compiling all of the different adoption avenues. Thanks again for letting our foundation be part of your list."

     -Aaron Fogleman, Marketing Director, Brittany’s Hope Foundation

"Resources4Adoption is a comprehensive presentation of financial resources for prospective adoptive parents. There are many creative ways to obtain financing for adoption, and this resource has it all. We are proud to be a sponsor of Resources4Adoption."

     -Anne Hughes, Executive Director, Beacon House Adoption Services, Inc.

"Resources 4 Adoption is addressing a great need in the adoption community. It is the only one of its kind that offers a comprehensive guide for families who are in need of financial resources for their adoption. Families receive education, tools and up-to-date news for adoption grants and loans."

     -Jan Dunn, CCLS, MSW, Hong Kong & Korea Programs, Dillon International

"We have struggled to keep our website current with information on grants, loans, tax credits, etc. Fortunately there is someone who is doing this and keeping it up to date, so I don’t have to spend my staff’s time trying to keep this stuff current on our website anymore."

     -Steffany A. Aye, LSCSW, LCSW, Founder and Director of Adoption & Beyond, Inc.

"Resources4Adoption has always been the best resource for adoptive parents interested in learning about grants and loans available for adoption but its expansion into providing timely, relevant information on costs and budgeting tools for adoption is unmatched in the industry. Resources4Adoption provides excellent tools that help adoptive parents plan for adoption so they can fulfill their dreams to grow or expand their family. I highly recommend all adoption professionals share Resources4Adoption’s information with any family interested in adoption."

     -Jennifer Fairfax, Family Formation Law Offices, Silver Spring, Maryland

"Affording adoption is such a huge struggle for so many of the families we work with each year. It's incredible that we can so easily and confidently refer families to Resources4Adoption and know that they'll get exactly the information and support they need. Keep doing what you're doing!"

     -Hal Kaufman, Founder, My Adoption Advisor

"Whenever I'm talking with someone about adoption grants, I point them to one place - Resources4adoption.com. Cherri invests her time and her heart making sure that everything adoptive families need is in one place. I call her the "Grant Guru," but the site is so comprehensive that anyone wanting information on affording adoption should bookmark it."

     -Julie Gumm, author of Adopt Without Debt: Creative Ways to Cover the Cost of Adoption

"Being an adoptive family and an on-going advocate for orphans, I believe Resources4Adoption is a treasure for families seeking adoption funding. Cherri does an excellent job of keeping updated on available funding. Her user-friendly chart gives information and details on grants and loans which would otherwise take hours of research. In a glance you will know what grants might be options for your family. What a blessing to adoptive families everywhere!"

     -Camie Schuiteman, Financial Resources Coordinator, MLJ Adoptions


by Robin Sizemore, Executive Director of Hopscotch Adoptions

Hopscotch is excited to offer our client families such a valuable resource through Resources4Adoption. Given the ever increasing expense related to adoption, families are struggling more than ever to find a way to afford the adoption of a child. As an agency, organizations and businesses often reach out to us, to promote their adoption financing programs. Every contact is forwarded to Resources4adoption for their professional review and evaluation before we decide if the link will be connected to Hopscotch. Families cannot be too careful in how they go about raising funds for an adoption. We work with Resources4adoptions to be sure opportunities are legitimate and worthwhile.

Resources4adoption offers free webinars, magazine articles, free monthly newsletter, and more. Imagine that, Free!

Another important aspect of planning for an adoption is the budget. Too often families emotionally leap ahead of their financial capacity when they fall in love with a waiting child. We know that stable families provide stable futures for children. When a family becomes financially stressed, everyone suffers, including the child. The Resources4adoption tool kit helps families plan for their future and bringing a child home.

Hopscotch is most excited about the Adoption Finance University which will be available to our families in November. As parents, we spend a lot of time preparing for our future child's developmental, medical and educational needs. The Adoption Finance University will fast become a significant piece of every family's whole approach to adoption. It's a key component every family should make time for prior to starting their adoption journey. Hopscotch clients are able to make a responsible financial plan thanks to Resources4adoption.

Thanks, Resources4adoption!

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