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Adoption Finance University 100 will guide you on the path to preparing for your adoption, beginning with the first considerations and decisions you will need to make.

Learn about the different types of adoption, how to take into account special needs and medical considerations, how to prepare yourself and your family for the long adoption process, how to begin fundraising, and how to choose your adoption agency or other professional.

Adoption Finance University 100 will teach you everything you need to know to begin preparing for adoption!

  • Four video class sessions of approximately 25 to 30 minutes each, covering:
    • The Different Types of Adoption
    • Special Needs Considerations
    • Healthcare Considerations
    • Medical Review Considerations
    • Insurance Issues and Concerns
    • Post-Adoption Support Options
    • Social Circle Support
    • Choosing your Adoption Agency
    • Adoption Fundraising
    • Adoption Grants
    • Adoption Loans
    • Real-Life Examples and Cautions
  • Workbook assignments to keep you on task
  • References to recommended reading for your adoption
  • Forms for keeping notes and organizing your "Adoption Binder"
  • ...All from an Expert with Personal Experience!

Adoption Finance University Module 100 -- Enroll Now

All four sessions in Adoption Finance University Module 100 are immediately available!

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