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The difficulties and obstacles to your adoption may seem enormous.

Every day, Resources4Adoption helps families to overcome these obstacles!

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1. Enroll in Adoption Finance University

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Learn how to begin and carry out your Adoption Vision, and overcome financial barriers with Adoption Finance University, a complete on-demand web course designed with you in mind!

Adoption Finance University is divided into five learning modules, based on Cherri's years of experience filling out adoption grant and loan applications, coaching and phone consultations. Each module will include three to five classes aligned with an individual family’s phase in the adoption process.
2. Get the Adoption Finance Toolkit

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The Adoption Finance Toolkit is a collection of tools designed to help you make the most of your financial resources and to gain financial support in order to bring your child home.

The Toolkit includes the Five-Phase Plan to Fund Your Adoption, a chart outlining a clear, step-by-step plan for you to follow, and the Searchable Database of Adoption Grants and Loans. Outdated information on adoption grants is EVERYWHERE. Without the Database tool, you will spend countless hours chasing down sources that may not even still be in existence. Access to the Database will give you the very latest updates for these sources. Early access to this information is one key to developing a successful plan.
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1. You will receive the very latest adoption financing news and information as well as ongoing support and guidance.

2. You will learn about resources, products and services that will save you a ton of time and help guide you through all of that red tape.

3. Your information is secure and never shared with anyone for any reason.
4. Join our Social Network Family

1. You will connect with a supportive community of adoptive hopefuls like you on social networks of Facebook and Twitter.

2. You can ask questions and get answers from others who can relate to you.

3. You will receive updates for adoption grants, loans and fundraisers.

4. You can join fun and beneficial contests.


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