Show Adoptive Families You Care! is a comprehensive source for aspiring adoptive families. It is designed based on real experience, research and interviews to remove financial barriers so loving families' adoptive dreams can come true! Since adoptive moms and dads are in your target market, I would like to offer you a sponsorship package that will put you in front of's users, and let them know that you care during their journey.  Don’t let this opportunity wait!

One of our priorities is to help look after the financial interest of adoptive families. With this in mind, we have established certain eligibility criteria for our sponsors and partners. These criteria are designed to foster confidence and mutual trust between our organization, our sponsors, and the families we serve. Families count on us to provide them with the most up to date information and connect them to organizations which share the same values. Our sponsors are well regarded within the adoption community and have a proven track record of putting a family's interests first.

Like your organization, Resources4adoption recognizes Rainbow Kids as a peer and a standard bearer among organizations which assist prospective adoptive families. Resources4adoption utilizes criteria similar to Rainbow Kids when considering partnerships with adoption service providers, adoption professionals, or other organization partnerships. welcomes new sponsorships and partnerships based on the following set of criteria. Adoption service providers and adoption professionals should have:

  1. A stellar reputation in the adoption industry or business world.
  2. Ethical and honest conduct in all business relationships and transactions.
  3. COA accreditation and/or licensure in state or state(s) of operation(for adoption agencies/facilitators).
  4. Five or more years of operational experience (for adoption agencies/facilitators).
  5. Good standing with the IRS.
  6. Financial records readily available or made available upon request for review.
  7. Good standing with the Better Business Bureau.
  8. A desire to help families with the financial aspects of adoption.
  9. Post-adoption resources and support for their families.
  10. A commitment to genuinely helping families and children.
  11. Other qualifications, as determined on a case-by-case basis by Resources4adoption executive staff.

Resources4adoption is the most trusted resource for a family's financial needs throughout their adoption. If you believe your organization can deliver services of this highest standard, we look forward to bringing our subscribers to you.


Please contact Cherri for complete details. Email Here.

** reserves the right to only accept advertisements and/or sponsors that are in keeping with our mission statement, principles and values.

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