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The Independent Adoption Center is a compassionate and dedicated domestic open adoption agency. Since our founding 1982, the IAC has successfully placed over 4,000 newborns with families throughout the United States.

IAC informs, supports, and guides birth and adoptive parents through the process of creating healthy new families through open adoption.

IAC's professional staff provides support and counseling for birthparents, works closely with adoptive parents throughout the adoption process, and provides ongoing post-placement support and consultation for birthparents and adoptive families.

IAC is focused on transforming lives through open adoption by serving the best interests of birthmothers, children, and adoptive families.

Why Choose IAC?

  • We are the TRUSTED leader in open adoption since 1982. We are the largest, oldest, and most experienced open adoption agency in the country, facilitating adoptions in 49 states, and fully licensed in California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, New York, North Carolina, and Texas.
  • We have a professional staff of EXPERIENCED social workers. The IAC consists of professional and licensed social workers with Masters of Social Work (MSW) degrees or higher. Kathleen Silber, the IAC’s Clinical Director, is a nationally regarded expert in the field and has advocated extensively for open adoption.
  • We are SUPPORTIVE throughout the entire adoption. As a nonprofit organization our main focus is on counseling and support. The IAC is committed to providing both birthparents and adoptive parents with the most comprehensive counseling support available.
  • We make our fees AFFORDABLE based on income. The IAC offers fees on a sliding scale correlated to your income.
  • WE HAVE NO EXCLUSIONARY POLICIES. The IAC offers birthparents the right to choose a family for their child. The IAC has no racial/ethnic, age, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression restrictions for prospective adoptive parents.


  • Better Business Bureau Accredited Business; A+ Rating
  • Staff consists of professional and licensed social workers with Masters of Social Work (MSW) degrees or higher.



Postal Address:
See postal addresses by state on IAC website here.

See phone numbers by state on IAC website here.

Toll-Free: (800) 877-6736

Email via contact form on IAC website here.

Website: http://www.adoptionhelp.org/


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