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Outdated information is everywhere, but at, we have made the commitment to adoptive families to keep our financial resource information as current as possible. Don't waste your valuable time searching endlessly through outdated or unreliable resources, when we've done all the searching for you!

Our Database Features include:

  • A "Don't Bother List" listing outdated and unavailable sources, with explanations describing why each source is unavailable.
  • A "Grants/Loans on Hold" List listing and describing temporarily unavailable sources, including  explanations of why each source is temporarily unavailable.
  • Grant/Loan Organization Name
  • Special Credentials  Awards, council memberships, etc.
  • Complete Contact Information including:
    • Address
    • Phone Number
    • Email
    • Website
  • Grant/Loan Criteria and Requirements including:
    • Religious – Christian, Catholic, LDS, none, etc.
    • Marital Status – Married, Single, etc.
    • Income Cap – Some organizations only allow applicants with incomes up to a certain level to apply.
    • Type of Agency –Many, but not all, require adoptive family with Licensed or Non-profit agency.  Very few allow for domestic private adoptions.
    • Agency Specific – Grants/Loans associated with specific agencies.
    • State Specific – Grants/Loans associated with specific states or regions of the country.
    • Date Due – Quarterly, semi-annual, annual, ongoing.
    • How To Apply – pre-qualifications required, call, email, mail or download from website.
    • Application Fee – No fee, $15, $25, $40, etc.
    • Other Application Criteria –Some grants and loans are designed for specific special needs, other special needs such as older/hard to place children, sibling groups, ethnic groups, etc.
  • Any Recent Updates  if the program is on hold, when they will be taking applications again, etc.

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